Je voudrai a carré


Now feel like scarves, many, all different colors, with classic prints but in crazy colors!
Fortunately I've already raided grandma's closet
 soon photos of how dress my hair


red power

I love her 
she's so sexy!

waiting for "The Tree of Life"


Mom's style



Sadness is my boyfriend

I love this song, 
its video
its atmosphere,  
I love her dress and her sad dance


enjoy your music!

non è perchè sono di parte, non è perchè il genere musicale è anche il mio genere, non è perchè sò la passione e la ricerca dietro ogni singola scelta: ma se volete dell'ottima musica questo è il blog giusto!!!  


if you look great music, with new releases and goodies that you will find it here!

"Whenever I'm down
I call on you my friend,
Whenever I'm down
And all thats going on
Is really going wrong
Just one of those days again
You say the right things
To keep me moving on
To keep me going strong" 
PS: but is missing a petal,
only physically!