take your time

we comfortable with my pace, trying to trick the mind,
the surprise party for my friend Josie, a lot of talk about music and art with J. and Kevin (I love to listen to them!). then a good idea: we Tuscany with my family,
finally nothing  pasta with tomato sauce but chicken and potatoes. Finally a good sleep in a comfortable bed, and with only the birds to make a backdrop! I love the Chianti! Appointment today a small social event: Pitti Immagine FuoridiTaste by Ceri Vintage: relaxed atmosphere and delicious desserts made the old way. Then a few self-timer with the pieces that I try.


2 commenti:

  1. that shop looks utterly devine and such cute pieces x


    pop by the blog and enter our Giveaway to WIN a Vintage Moschino Letter Belt :)))

  2. yes the store is devine!if you come to Florence I suggest you go!

    congratulations great blog!